Hampton Roads Sports Media Hall of Fame


In July of 2017, Greg Bicouvaris, owner of GJB Productions & Marketing and a TV/Radio Host/Announcer and Network Television Stage Manager, along with Chuck Hall, Langley Speedway Promoter, founded the Hampton Roads Sports Media Hall of Fame.

This is a signature event in Southeastern Virginia honoring: Broadcast, Public Relations, and Print Professionals from the sports world. Five Media Members will be honored annually at a Langley Speedway Race in Hampton, Virginia. In order to be selected, each Media Member has to have worked at least five years at a respective media organization in the greater Hampton Roads Area and been a positive member of the Community they live in.

The Board of HRSMHOF will announce the winners each November. Each recipient will be given a keepsake and Langley Speedway will be the facility that hosts the awards that will be given out yearly. Thank you for visiting this website.